At a recent Progressive Neighbors' workshop, we discussed prioritizing the possible state legislative
issues we might work on for this coming MD General Assembly session. A suggestion came up in the
group discussions re: hiring a progressive lobbyist for the upcoming session. Five folks came forward
who were willing to contribute $60/week for 3 months - approx $700 for 3 months which, if we had 5
more contributors, would raise $7,500.

Since we've been coming up with legislative priorities for the past decade, we realize how much more
effective we might be if we had a specific person representing our interests.

We need 5 more folks willing to come up with money to do this (or 10 giving half as much each).
Are you interested in helping?

What you'd get from this position:
1. A regular report/meeting on the feasibility of specific progressive legislation.
2. Alerts to when the best time is for you, your neighbors, organizations and friends to lobby on specific
3. Coordination of meetings with legislators to advocate on specific progressive legislation.
And, finally, being able to see and experience directly the impact of your own contribution to positive and
achievable change on the state level through this targeted position.

This is a partial list of some of the legislation and events a progressive lobbyist could commit time to:
1. Affordable housing
2. Death with Dignity
3. Drug law and sentencing
4. A progressive summit
5. Peace and economic justice legislation
6. Education: School construction funding
7. Environment: Clean water, Climate Change
8. Environment: Pesticides
9. Environment: Renewable energy, Fracking
10. Fair elections: Gerrymandering
11. Fair elections: Public financing
12. Labelling of GMO's
13. Health Care access
14. Immigration
15. Minimum wage
16. Police accountability
17. Public transportation
18. Sick leave

We have had many people over the years dedicated to particular issues, some of whom have been very
successful. Examples include global warming and storm water runoff, marriage equality and gender
identity protections, gun control and death penalty repeal, and some nascent efforts towards income
equality. What we’ve never had is a unified program with everyone pulling together, and having a
lobbyist as a focal point for our community would be a good start.

Please contact me at 240-505-6282 or esiegel2@igc.com with your thoughts, reactions, priorities and interest in a commitment.



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