Does this group give money to candidates?


We generally do not give money directly to candidates, but we evaluate candidates for each election and use our funds to disseminate information with Progressive Neighbors' opinion of them. The money we raise is used to print materials, to obtain booths at community festivals, to hold meetings, and to do other outreach.

When and how was Progressive Neighbors founded?


Progressive Neighbors was founded in early 2006 in a Takoma Park living room.  The group wanted to impact the upcoming elections and decided to work together to support the candidates on whom they agreed. Progressive Neighbors helped elect Jamie Raskin in his first race, and went on to endorse and campaign for progressive candidates and ballot issues over a decade.   It has grown to include voters in Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Olney, Kensington, and Rockville

How is the Steering Committee selected?


All members of the steering committee are volunteers.  People come to the organization because they are committed to advocating for progressive change in the county, state and country.  People who invest time and commitment are elected to the steering committee by majority vote of the body.  You are invited to a meeting if you are interested in serving.

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Progressive Neighbors has been active for many years in a wide variety of progressive causes both locally and nationally, on issues of peace, education, housing, labor, gender, health care, civil rights, democracy, environment, and transportation.