About Progressive Neighbors

Our Progressive Values

  • Schools that give all students an opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Universal health care, affordable housing, and an adequate living wage. 
  • Public transportation systems that combine convenience and environmental protections.       
  • Land use policies that are sustainable, serve residents, and don't overburden our infrastructure.      
  • Effective protection against crime, stressing prevention, community involvement and fairness.       
  • Measures that assure a greater voice for all, such as campaign finance and voting reforms.       
  • Fairness, civil rights, and equality for all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, income, sexual orientation or immigrant status. 

Progressive Neighbors Steering Committee

The members of the steering committee have been active for many years in a wide variety of progressive causes both locally and nationally (on issues of peace, education, housing, labor, gender, health care, civil rights, democracy, environment, and transportation). The members of the group include:

Edward Fishman

Mike Hersh

Walter Hill

Joan King

Ken Lemberg

Wally Malakoff

Michael Rubin

Scott Schneider

Deborah Schumann

Dylan Shelton

Mike Tabor 

Contact Us

For further information about Progressive Neighbors including write to pn4change@progressiveneighborsmd.org.





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