2016 primary forum

11/9/15 Letter to Dr. Margaret Flowers:
Dear Dr. Flowers,
I've heard so much about you over the years -- all terrific.  I would very much like to meet you in person.
Progressive Neighbors is dedicated to electing Progressives -- not based on party, but rather on principles.  As you know, our group has a history of supporting progressives and environmentalists, and endorsed both Democratic and Green candidates for County Council last year.  
We are planning two events:
1) a Democratic primary forum on January 17th, specifically to help voters discern between two competing candidates, each of whom has previously earned Progressive Neighbors endorsements in at least one election.
2) a general election forum, to take place after the primaries, to help voters learn about all of their choices for the U.S. Senate.
You are invited to the general election forum.  
I received messages from several of our fellow activists, urging Progressive Neighbors to invite you to participate our upcoming Senate Democratic primary forum.  Some of the letter-writers believe you are being excluded from the January 17th event because of pressure from Representative Van Hollen.  This is untrue.  We have received no such pressure from either Representative Van Hollen or Representative Edwards.  We apologize for any misunderstanding.
To give you a sense of our environmental priorities and our events, please see information about our recent nonpartisan environmental forum which included District 8 congressional candidates.  Because we co-sponsored that event with nonpartisan or nonprofit groups (including the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, CCAN, and others), the event was geared towards the general election and not the primary.  As a general election event, we included all filed candidates and were open to Greens, Democrats, Independents,and Republicans…although at the time of the event, neither Greens or Republicans had yet filed for election.
When we begin our 2016 endorsement process, (again, one for the primaries, and another for the general election) we hope that you will also participate.  I am glad that you are running in the U.S. Senate race, and hope that you will participate in both our general election forum and in our endorsement process. 
Thank you very much,
Darian Unger
Chair, Progressive Neighbors


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