2014 Legislative Priorities


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Progressive Neighbors is a Montgomery County-wide organization active since 2006, primarily at the state and county level, in a wide variety of progressive causes on issues related to progressive taxation,  education, affordable housing and tenant rights, labor, gender, health care, civil rights, immigrant issues, democracy, environment, and transportation.  We are a democratic grassroots group that accepts no outside funding.  We endorse candidates and work on issue advocacy.  Listed below are our legislative priorities for 2014:


  • Raise the minimum wage to an amount in the $11-12 range, with provisions that include annual adjustment for inflation;
  • Enact legislation to improve transparency in the General Assembly, including the posting of subcommittee votes, committee amendments and votes, and the institution of a system to allow constituents to sign up to testify online the day before a committee hearing;
  • Change the way legislative vacancies are filled to require special elections rather than selections by party committees;
  • Institute more progressive state income taxes. Require that businesses file combined tax reports.
  • Refrain from the passing of tax cuts that benefit only the wealthy when there are so many unmet needs in our state. For example, oppose proposals to cut estate taxes on family-owned business property.  And oppose proposals to raise the estate tax exemption from $1 million to $5.25 million.
  • Develop legislation to establish a transition to a publicly-financed public health system for Maryland which would actually save the state money over time;
  • Decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana;
  • Mandate the labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients. (GMOs) Eliminate the cosmetic use of pesticides on state public land, schools, highways, parks and other government facilities;
  • Enact a Maryland “bottle bill” to require a 5 cent deposit on sealed metal, glass or plastic containers;
  • Develop a plan under which students would pay nothing for tuition while attending college, paying instead 3% of their income each year for the next two decades to cover the costs of future students (the “Oregon Plan”);
  • Create and fund a commission to assess the establishment of a Maryland state bank, similar to the nine decade-old Bank of North Dakota, which serves as a depository for all state tax collection and fees which are, in turn, reinvested within the state;
  • Establish a comprehensive gender identity law which includes public accommodation provisions;
  • Require employers to provide at least six paid sick days each year; 
  • Mandate that businesses with at least fifteen employees provide six weeks of unpaid family medical leave;
  • Stabilize rent increases at no more than five per cent a year and require that landlords provide a just cause for refusing to renew a lease. End discrimination of apartment applicants because of their source of income.
  • Curtail corporate influence on elections through legislation to enable voluntary public financing for state elections that would allow a candidate to receive funding after demonstrating significant community support.
  • Allow same-day voter registration on Election Day.
  • Pass a binding resolution for an Article V convention of the states to: overturn Citizens United, regulate money in politics, revoke corporate personhood, and guarantee every individual citizen the constitutional right to vote to roll back growing efforts to suppress the freedom to vote.
  • Set up a “Commission on Maryland's Future: Developing a Jobs Strategy for the State of Maryland” to develop plans and policies to ensure a competitive advantage for Maryland as Federal military spending declines.


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